Are you thinking of the perfect date to put on your wedding invitations? Choosing which season to tie the knot in is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to planning your wedding. It will affect most aspects of it, from the mood and the theme to your outfit and your guests’ ability to attend. While you can have a beautiful wedding at any time of the year, we are here to tell you why you should definitely consider getting married in the spring! Hear us out as we make our case for a spring wedding.

Spring Wedding Photography: wedding rings and blossom tree

Beautiful spring blossoms can provide a beautiful backdrop for portraits, or even an opportunity for creative detail shots!

Spring is about new beginnings

Spring is a very fitting season during which to have your wedding. Symbolically, you will be starting your new married life together while nature is awakening and renewing itself. What could be more romantic than getting married surrounded by all the wonderful blossoms and flowers that appear in springtime? Spring can provide the most amazing backdrop to your wedding and you’ll see it in your wedding photos, too. Last year we opened our wedding photography season with Ben and Monica’s wedding in early March. It was one of the most picturesque spring weddings we ever had the chance to photograph and we are still swooning over those gorgeous magnolia blossoms that set the stage for their special day.

More venues may be available and at a better price

A spring wedding might also amount to a wise decision financially, making your money go further. Since it still falls just outside of the main wedding season, many venues will be able to offer you a special deal, and generally there is less competition for bookings. You might be able to book the venue of your choice more easily for a date in the spring, whereas the summer months tend to be much busier and therefore booked solid far in advance.

Bride and groom enjoying the magnolias during their spring wedding in Devon

Ben & Monika enjoying the magnolias at their reception venue (Combe House, Devon)

Enjoy longer daylight hours and look fabulous in your photos

The days begin to get longer in the spring, which means it won’t get dark at four in the afternoon and your special day will be awash in gorgeous light. From a photographic point of view, that means beautiful wedding photos to cherish for years to come! Having to work around failing light is just one of those challenges that comes with the job of being a wedding photographer and we have adequate high quality gear and skills to shoot in any situation. However, there is just something really lovely about being able to take your wedding portraits outdoors in the most flattering natural light. We believe you’ll enjoy it more, too!

A spring wedding will conflict with fewer holidays

More of your guests will be able to attend your big day as there aren’t as many planned holidays and scheduled time away during the spring compared to the summer months. Unless you decide to get married during the half-term school holidays, travel expenses are also likely to be less so you can expect more people you care about to actually be able to part of your special day.

Are you warming up to the idea of a spring wedding? We think it can be absolutely perfect if done right. Have we convinced you yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts!