Sharing is caring, and why wouldn’t you want the opportunity to share your beautiful wedding images on Facebook and via e-mail with friends and family so that you can relive the wonderful memories that you made together?

Sadly, many wedding photographers continue to jealously guard their singular right to distribute their work and forbid their clients from sharing their images online. The main reason they do this is simple; it’s because they want you, the client, to be in a position of weakness and have no choice but to buy physical albums and prints if you want to show your friends your pictures. Fortunately, things are slowly changing for the better and we are proud to say that we subscribe to the belief that our client’s interests should always come first. That is why we are shoot & share photographers; read on to find out exactly what that means!


Put simply, a shoot & share wedding photographer is one who chooses to allow their client to share their images without restriction, giving them the opportunity to share the pictures from their wedding with friends and family via the internet through social media sites like Facebook. This practice was unheard of up until fairly recently but there have been dramatic changes in wedding photography over the last decade or so, with the regular advent of new and exciting technologies and techniques shaking the industry up and forcing people to approach wedding photography in a fresh way. Gone are the days of having no choice but to wait weeks (if not months) for film to be processed, stacks of proofs to be delivered and prints to be ordered before you could hope to have an album – or anything at all – to show your friends and family.

We have a lot of respect for photographers who still make the conscious decision to shoot film and the discerning clients who choose to hire them; indeed, this sector of the wedding photography market is undergoing something of a renaissance of late, with top photographers like Jose Villa popularising the use of medium format Contax bodies. On the other hand, it’s great that these days you can also choose to go digital, with the possibility of producing high quality images that can be edited and delivered through the internet with unprecedented speed and before any film photographer could even hope to get their prints back from the lab.

However, even now many wedding photographers who shoot digital continue to stick with the traditional methods of delivering their images after a wedding, choosing to retain close control over their images, giving clients no choice but to buy physical prints, albums and DVDs of their images and explicitly stating in the contract that the images cannot be printed or digitally shared by the client, even once they have paid for a disc of the images.

In recent years a more modern approach has been pioneered, with a growing following amongst the photographic community and wedding photographers in particular. A new breed of young and tech-savvy photographers have begun to realise that this slow and restrictive process seems nonsensical given the fast-paced, globally-connected digital era we live in. That is why more and more photographers, ourselves included, are subscribing to the shoot & share philosophy – and why more and more clients, especially those who have grown up with digital technology and have certain expectations, are beginning to seek out such photographers.

Hiring a shoot & share photographer to capture your wedding day has many benefits. With an online gallery, both you and your loved ones – including those who couldn’t be there on the day – will have unrestricted access to a large collection of professionally-shot images, which you can share easily on the internet and print freely without asking our permission. Whilst traditional wedding photographers closely guard their files and demand explicit permission to share their images, shoot & share photographers actively encourage the sharing of our images and the participation of guests and friends in their dissemination.

Of course, we will happily sell top quality prints and professionally designed albums to clients who want them, but we feel those should be an optional choice rather than something people feel forced into. Long before your big day arrives, we take the time to build a friendly relationship; we are proud to count couples we have shot amongst our friends. The last thing we want is for business and money to get in the way of that, so once you have committed to work with us and paid our up-front fee there are no hidden costs and we are 100% committed to doing the best job we can rather than finding ways to charge you extra. When the time comes, we want to be totally focussed on capturing your special day as well as we possibly can, with the intention of leaving you with a set of beautiful images you can call your own, proudly show to everyone you know and cherish forever.

Ultimately, shoot & share benefits everyone. As a client, you get complete freedom to share and print the images of your wedding and as photographers and small business owners, we benefit from the buzz and word of mouth created by our images being freely shared and loved by your network.


We attend your wedding and take lots of lovely photographs, just like any normal photographers would. Over the next few days, we get stuck into selecting and editing your final images. Within a couple weeks, we then send you a link to an online gallery and a zip file so that you can download all the images in one go. It’s that simple! If you have ordered an album or expressed an interest in prints then we handle that after the gallery is online.