The idea of storing everything electronically, be it music, books or photos, is a deeply attractive one. If you’ve ever moved house or lived in a place where you were ‘space-challenged’, you probably know the feeling of being burdened by your possessions. After relocating three times in the space of one year back in 2013, we have vowed to live a simpler life and think twice before acquiring any new physical belongings. The minimalist in me rejoices at the thought of storing everything on the computer or in a cloud online. It means that my books, records and photos don’t have to sit around, collect dust or occupy any space in the room. The digital age can certainly help you get rid of a lot of clutter in your life and we love it for it. However, let us tell you why we think having a wedding album professionally printed is an excellent choice.

What happens when technology becomes obsolete?

Being fully digital photographers, we appreciate the simplicity offered by modern technology. These days many of our clients also only want a digital gallery of their wedding photos. An online gallery is an absolutely great way to share and present the record of your special day, and we certainly understand the appeal. So when the internet pioneer and Google Vice president Mr Vint Cerf advised everyone to print their photos or risk losing them to the digital Dark Age, naturally it gave us food for thought. In his speech at a conference in February 2015 he warned of a real 21st century danger: the loss or deterioration of digitally stored information – including photos. He stated that as file formats and software become obsolete, many of the precious photos that capture our significant moments may be gone forever. In addition, digital files are affected by data rot, which is a term for the slow and gradual decay of storage media. That too may cause the loss of the photos you hold dear, as well as other files.

Photos are time capsules

The pictures of your family, your children and your significant other are certainly the ones that you’d want to preserve for posterity. Wedding pictures in particular are an invaluable record of the day when you joined your lives as a family and made it official. Your wedding is the culmination of months of hard work and preparation, and the photos are there to provide you with an opportunity to go back in time and relive it all over again. Wouldn’t it be crushing to lose them to the slow deterioration of bits and bytes?

Your wedding photos deserve to shine

Apart from the dangers of losing your wedding pictures to the digital Dark Age, we simply feel that your images deserve to be seen. Ever since the days of daguerrotypes, photos have always been displayed one way or another. For generations, people kept physical prints around and arranged them in family albums. You probably have such albums in your family too – think of the warmth you feel on those occasions you get to look at them. It’s only a very recent phenomenon that family photos are not printed but stored on electronic devices. We believe that your cherished photos belong on your walls and in albums, not on your hard drive, and encourage you to have them printed.

DIY or better yet, opt for a professional wedding album

One option is to print them yourself. All our packages come with a personal print license, meaning that you’re free to print your wedding photos for your personal use. However, not every company uses archival inks and paper, and your photos may fade and become yellow with time. Another option is to have them made into a beautiful, professionally printed wedding album. Our timelessly classic albums are designed in house and are only sent off to the press after several revisions by our clients. We work with the wonderful folks at Folio, one of the UK’s top print houses, who offer their services to professional photographers only. You can rest assured that your beautiful wedding album will be printed on archival quality 200gsm fine art paper. It also includes a choice of cover colours, as well as a variety of customisation and upgrade options available to meet every need. Whatever option you choose, we think a timeless keepsake in the form of a professionally made wedding album is a great investment in your family and happy memories to look back on for years to come.